The Next Major Prophetic Sign Bundle

The Next Major Prophetic Sign Bundle

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Daniel Revisited makes the case that the ancient book of Daniel reveals four specific events to occur in the Middle East in the end times prior to the Tribulation. This new look at old assumptions about prophecy and plain reading of Scripture combines a comprehensive study of relevant history with the fresh perspective of today’s current events. Not only does it show that the Antichrist will be Muslim, it also identifies four events the author calls Signposts which will occur in a series leading right up to the Tribulation. The first event involving Iraq has already occurred. The second of the four events will be the invasion of the whole Middle East by Iran. The fourth event will witness the Antichrist’s emergence.

What Comes Next was filmed partially on the ground, in northern Iraq. Three teaching sessions.

  • Daniel 8: The next great wars in biblical prophecy.
  • Isaiah 19: A prophecy for Egypt, beginning to be fulfilled right now in our day.
  • Isaiah 19: The prophesied revival sweeping Egypt and the Middle East.

Bundle Includes:

  • Daniel Revisited - Book
  • What Comes Next? - DVD
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